Ivars Gravlejs

Ivars Gravlejs
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2000 - 2007 Academy of Performing Arts - FAMU, Still Photography, Prague (MgA)

2014 Zlobit, Club Final, Prague
2013 Who's next, Gallery Svetlana, Moscow
Vj Bordel - „Party” as part of the event "Notes of Tukums", Baboon Bar, Tukums
Všechny tadý jsou čuráci!!! (All here are dickheads!!!), Karlin Studios, Prague
Photography Lessons, Fotograf Gallery, Prague
2012 Kinetic sculptures, Fotograf Festival - Off Limits, Holešovice Train Station, Prague
Angle of perception of visual information in contemporary time, (in cooperation with A.Ter-Oganian), Gallery Kytka, Prague
Riga, (in cooperation with P.Pětiletá), Riga Art Space, Riga
Riga, (in cooperation with P.Pětiletá), Karlin Studios, Prague
2011 The Picture, Gallery 207, Prague
Prague Biennale 4th, Tranzitdisplay, Prague
Kurva Fix, (in cooperation with P.Pětiletá), Gallery Entrance, Prague
Exhibition, Recyclart, Brussels
2010 Early works, Month of Photography, Pálffyho, Bratislava
My newspaper, V8 Gallery, Cologne
Dumpling Heaven, NZM, Prague
The 90's and beyond, Kunsthalle, Erfurt
Oui, Center for contemporary art Oui, Grenoble
GAF (in cooperation with I.Kitup, A.Tokarev), Paperworks Gallery, Moscow
2009 90's, Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga
Early works, Gallery Jeleni, Prague
Shit in art (in cooperation with A.Ter-Oganian), Gallery 36, Olomouc
See what I see, Gallery Entrance, Prague
My newspaper, Gallery NoD Box, Prague
Forevers, Kino Bio Oko, Prague
2008 FAMU, Project space Canteen, Andrejsala, Riga
Paní Kellerová nemá píču, Okno - NoD.Roxy, Prague
The Medium is the Message 2008, (in cooperation with A.Ter-Oganian), Ateliér Josefa Sudka, Prague
2007 Šunkový nářez (in cooperation with A.Nikitinova), Gallery 35m2, Prague
2006 New wave in photography, Gallery Lumen, Budapest
2005 My potographs, Vitrine on Komunardu Street 22, Prague
My potographs, Gallery Art-Strelka, Moscow
Excuse me, could you please take a picture of me?, I.P.Pavlova, Prague
Photo album, Gallery Velryba, Prague
2004 Photo exhibition, Gallery Forward!, Berlin
Portfolio, Latvian Museum of Photography, Riga