1,2,3... / ONE, TWO, THREE...

Year of release
35' 12"

“One, two, three.." Lithuanian Song Celebration. Documentary film The song and dance celebrations in the Baltic states are events of immense national importance and scale, they have played an important role in more distant past as well as in recent history. The short film by Rudolfas Levulis talks about the present context of the Lithuanian song celebration, which is very different from the Soviet times when it was a grand national event for expressing and carrying the Lithuanian identity. After Lithuania regained its independence, the attitude towards both national values and the song celebration started to change; the celebration did not function as the flagship of national identity and more. The new goal is to - in a more self- centered way-retain the popularity of the event and interest towards it. Levulis documents this change, presenting rather episodes from behind the stage, editing his film as a visually attractive music video.